Modern Debugging Tool for Laravel Developer

Do you know that we have a modern debugging tool can allow us to dump out all the places we need to track instead of we manually using dd() in one by one line. This package is call Ray.

Patrick Wan



Ray is a beautiful, lightweight desktop app that helps you debug your app. There’s a free demo available that can be unlocked with a license.

Ray supports PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, Go and Bash applications. After installing one of the libraries to send information to Ray, you can use the ray function to quickly dump stuff. Any variable(s) that you pass to ray will be displayed.

Here’s an example for a Laravel app (for other languages the syntax is similar):

ray('Hello world');

ray(['a' => 1, 'b' => 2])->color('red');

ray('multiple', 'arguments', 'are', 'welcome');


User::firstWhere('email', '');

Here's how that looks like in Ray.

There are many other helper functions available on Ray that allow you to display things that can help you debug such as runtime and memory usage, queries that were executed, and much more.

In addition to debugging locally, you can also connect to a server. All ray calls performed on that server will be securely forwarded via SSH to your local machine.


All PHP packages require PHP 7.3+ or higher.

Laravel Ray requires Laravel 7 or higher.

WordPress Ray requires WordPress 5.5 or higher

Ruby Ray requires Ruby 3.0 or higher (may work on 2.6+).

Third-party package requirements:

  • NodeJS support (node-ray) requires NodeJS 12 or higher.



Patrick Wan

My name’s Patrick. I’m a Software Developer, experience in Laravel, Vue Js, React Js, Livewire, Jquery, Codegniter, NPM, GIT. I have 5 years plus experience.