What is Laravel Blade Components

There might have a lot of people ask, what is laravel blade component.

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Laravel Blade Components
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Blade components are a subset of blade template that allow you to create new custom, reusable, encapsulated PHP and HTML.

For example you may want to create a layout to be used in many of your application pages. So you build your layout as a component and can reused the component wherever you want.

When created, component can be call with same syntax as any html tag:


Class based component

Class based component is compose of a php file that encapsulate component logic and a template file.

To create a class based component you can use the Artisan command make:component

php artisan make:component Layout

This command will create two files:


The Layout.php file is a class that inherits from Component


namespace App\View\Components;

use Illuminate\View\Component;

class Layout extends Component
public function __construct()

public function render()
return view('components.layout');

the layout.blade.php template file is an empty container:

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Let’s do an example:

When the component will be created you can call your new component by using the x-name syntax:

<x-layout :title="$title"/>

The x- is a convention that tell Laravel to render the specified component name.

The “:” prefix in :message tell Laravel that the content of the props will be bind to a php expression/variables.

When you append the x- before the component name, Laravel know where to look to find your component.

You can retreived those value in the component class file:



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