Why are we using Laravel?

Laravel is a popular PHP web application framework that makes building web applications faster and easier.

Patrick Wan
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Laravel is built on the idea that the Laravel framework should be easy to use, yet powerful enough to create applications that can grow in complexity. It is popular for a reason. It makes building web applications faster and easier.

With Laravel, you can easily create a web application with a simple, yet powerful, syntax. Additionally, Laravel is well-suited for larger applications, as it offers features like authentication and routing that make development more manageable.


Laravel introduces the concept of using Blade Template, a templating engine to design a unique layout. The layout thus designed can be used by other views, and includes a consistent design and structure.

When compared to other templating engines, Blade is unique in the following ways −

  • It does not restrict the developer from using plain PHP code in views.
  • The blade views thus designed, are compiled and cached until they are modified.

The complete directory structure of Laravel is shown in the screenshot given here.

You can observe that all views are stored in the resources/views directory and the default view for Laravel framework is welcome.blade.php.

Please note that other blade templates are also created similarly.


As you can see the images above is the coding that the first page that show when browse in the website.

So when you browse to You will see as the image below:




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