How to add custom properties to Laravel Activities Log

Do you know how to add a custom properties in you laravel-activitylog?

Patrick Wan


In Previous Article we talk about basic usage of activities log, but in some cases we might need to add custom properties in the log. So in this article I will show how to add custom properties in your log.

We can add custom properties to an activity by using withProperties()

->withProperties(['key' => 'value'])
$lastActivity = Activity::all()->last(); //returns the last logged activity$lastActivity->getExtraProperty('key'); //returns 'value'$lastActivity->where('properties->key', 'value')->get(); // get all activity where the `key` custom property is 'value'

The example above is to add custom attribute in logs.

In my case, I would like to add the custom properties when the log was saving, so I no need to add one by one to the module.

Activity::saving(function (Activity $activity) {  $activity->properties = $activity->properties->put('agent', [    'ip' => request()->ip(),   ]);});

So in our log will have the extra attribute below

{"agent": {"ip": ""}, "attributes": {"name": "super-admin", "status": 1, "guard_name": "web"}}

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