Do you know that Laravel have a code execution monitoring package?

This class of tools collects relevant information about application performance, errors, and trends and gives you a visual representation of what your application is doing during its normal operation.

Patrick Wan



Today we gonna introduce a package name’s Inspector. Inspector is a composer package to add real-time code execution monitoring to your Laravel application. It allows you to work on continuous code changes while catching bugs and bottlenecks in real-time. Before users do.

It takes less than one minute to get started. Let’s see how it works.

Install the composer package

Run the composer command in your terminal:

composer require inspector-apm/inspector-laravel

Configure the Ingestion key

Get a new Ingestion key by signing up for Inspector ( and creating a new project, it only takes a few seconds.

You’ll see installation instructions directly in the app screen:


Put the Ingestion Key in your environment file:


Test everything is working

Execute our test command to check if your app send data to inspector correctly:

1php artisan inspector:test

Go to ([] to explore your demo data.

By default Inspector monitors:

  • Database interactions
  • Queued Jobs execution
  • Artisan commands
  • Email sent
  • Notifications
  • Unhandled Exceptions

We turned on the light in the 50% of our app executed in the background. The next step…



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