Do you know that Laravel do provide a free debug tool?

In some cases, when having error in your production website you might cannot see what exactly was the error cause.

Patrick Wan


Most of the time you will need to check from storage log. In current, I will show show you a free tool which is Larabug can help you easily to check your error without check in your storage log.

LaraBug is a debug tool will catch any error (exception) and save it to your created project. This will allow you to overview all the errors (exceptions) that have been generated. In many times, our project will set to production mode in live server, so we wouldn’t know what was the error came from and this package will get help us.

To start using LaraBug, you will need an account. Register here for a 5-day free trial.

After creating your account & project, you are ready to start installing the LaraBug package inside your Laravel installation.

You can install the package through Composer.

composer require larabug/larabug

Then publish the config and migration file of the package using artisan.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="LaraBug\ServiceProvider"

And adjust config file config/larabug.php with your desired settings. More on the configuration here.

All that is left to do is to define 2 env configuration variables.


LB_KEY is your profile key which authorises your account to the API, LB_PROJECT_KEY is your project API key which you receive when creating a project.

Below is the step to create a project and copy the key to your env file:

Step1: Click to create project

Step2: Fill up the information of the project



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