Do you need to have a beautiful log viewer in Laravel?

If you’re working with Laravel, one of the first things you’ll want to do is install a log viewer. A log viewer is a great way to view and analyze your log files, and it can be a valuable tool for debugging your application.

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There are a few different log viewers available for Laravel, but one of the most popular is Laravel Log Viewer. Laravel Log Viewer is a free, open-source log viewer for Laravel applications. It’s available on GitHub, and it’s been downloaded over 1,000 times.

Laravel Log Viewer has a simple, clean interface that makes it easy to view and filter your log files. It also has some handy features, like the ability to highlight lines that match a certain criteria, and the ability to view only the latest entries in a log file.

If you’re looking for a log viewer for your Laravel application, Laravel Log Viewer is a great option.

Log Viewer supports multiple logs! You can see single, daily, and horizon logs. You can also customize which logs are picked up by the application via the package’s configuration file.

Instead of parsing plain text logs, the Log Viewer app gives you pretty, formatted, collapsible, expandable, searchable logs.

Here are the main features of this package:

  • Link directly to logs
  • Searchable and filterable by severity
  • Download and remove logs via the UI
  • Short stack traces to remove trace cruft from logs
  • Configurable log viewer
  • Built with Alpine.js, Tailwind, and Laravel
  • Sort by oldest or newest logs
  • Light and Dark mode

If your log naming is different, or want to include additional files that don’t get initially picked up, you can configure it in the config/log-viewer.php configuration:



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